For the benefit of the customer with our expertise

At the core of our strategy lies expertise in materials engineering, service capability, and collaboration. Our approach, consisting of three main principles, guides all our actions.

  • We target inspections timely and accurately to the right inspection points.
  • In addition to inspection results, we provide clear and unbiased recommendations for actions.
  • We simplify the daily operations of our customers.

Comprehensive service under the guidance of our engineers

Our expertise is derived from the extensive, process-specific experience of our engineers, and continually updated knowledge. We lead our inspection and analytics expertise through our ISO-certified management system. Our expertise is not an individual performance but a combination of data, collaboration, and specialised knowledge.

Revisions are often hectic and challenging for our customers due to extensive supplier networks and tight schedule pressures. Our expert-led comprehensive service includes planning, coordination, cleaning and grinding works, NDT inspections, and possible damage assessments. In investment projects, our expertise is particularly utilised in delivery and installation supervision tasks.

Our values

Service capability

We are known as a collaborative, unbiased partner, ready to assist promptly and expertly in all inspection and condition management challenges.


The well-being of our staff is the foundation of everything. Everyone goes home healthy. We enable and respect everyone’s leisure time and recovery.

Honesty and respect

All our actions are based on honesty towards our customers and colleagues. We do not accept any form of discrimination or inappropriate behaviour.


Expertise is more than an individual achievement. Together with our colleagues and partners, we form a team whose skills complement each other. We cherish knowledge sharing and development in all our endeavours. We do not settle for just stating; we utilise our expertise to make our customers’ lives easier.

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