How do we do it?

The planning of inspections is an essential part of successful and cost-effective condition monitoring. Replico experts create inspection plans and coordinate inspections during the audit, ensuring that inspections are directed to the right areas at the right time.

In the planning of inspections, we take into account, among other things:

  • Specific characteristics of the inspection target, previous inspection history, and identified deviations
  • Operating process conditions and their effects on equipment and piping during operation
  • Accessibility of the target and the requirements it sets for inspection
  • Resources required for inspections, such as inspection methods, personnel resources, and inspection equipment
  • Requirements set by results reporting and documentation
Tuukka UosukainenGroup manager, MSc in engineering

During plant maintenance shutdowns, there is typically limited time for inspections. Coordinating the work of various stakeholders and dealing with limited personnel resources create additional challenges for project management. Our specialized experts in processes can target inspections to critical and vulnerable areas, where they provide the most benefit.

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