How do we do it?

Field hardness measurement is a non-destructive inspection conducted at the customer’s premises to assess the tensile strength of a material. Changes in hardness can provide insights into the material’s mechanical properties.

The method measures the hardness values of the base material, the heat-affected zone, and the weld for the examined material or welded joint.

Field hardness measurements can be performed using three different methods:

  • UCI, based on the attenuation of ultrasound
  • Rebound, based on the loss of kinetic energy of an impact ball
  • TIV, based on a constant force indentation and optical indentation depth measurement

Replico has equipment based on the UCI and Rebound methods.

In field hardness measurement, it is crucial to choose the right method for each target and ensure compliance with surface roughness requirements. Additionally, it is essential to use the appropriate offset value for the measured material group to obtain a hardness value as close as possible to the actual hardness. Replico has calibration samples for different material groups.

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